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Digital Educational Marketing Campaigns

Community Upliftment and Social Education has been a passion of mine for very long, so I’ve launched and managed several online campaigns successfully through the years.

Ranging from a national retail sales training and teambuilding campaign, a health professions educational campaign, a global anti-bullying campaign teaching young children empathy with interactive comic strips, to a global educational platform for families going through separation, divorce and even blending new families. In 2022, I launched another global online community where people can learn how to cultivate resilience through any kind of adversity or trauma. Recently, I also designed, built and launched the digital platforms for a new strength & conditioning coaching campaign as well as an established film producer and yes, this website that you are on now, is also my own creation.

I love start-ups and getting a campaign off the ground with a creative strategy and then growing it organically with smart innovation. My best work is done under pressure and the need for a swift pivot to adapt to ever changing circumstances. Relevant training includes digital marketing, instructional design, learning management, social media, web design, graphic design, gamification, e-learning, coaching etc. See all my accreditations in various fields. If you are passionate about life-long learning and uplifting communities with inspiring education, I’m your go-to person!

The campaigns in the retail and health industries are copyright protected, so I may not share any details here, but you are welcome to look at the other campaigns at the links provided below.

To book an online session with me, please visit my calendar.

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