Below is a list of online courses I create for abundant family life, no matter what adversities are faced in a lifetime. When life knocks us down, we have to get up and grow. That means we can learn the valuable life-lessons offered by the experiences and grow into stronger, more resilient and thriving human beings. The need for practical hands-on courses coming from lived experience as well as formal training is huge and the list of topics is long, but this page grows with inspiration and time so follow me to be notified when new courses are added.
Online Course to do at your Own Pace

What are personal boundaries, why we need them and how to set healthy boundaries and assert them with confidence.

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Six week online course or do at your own pace

Be the leader your family needs during and after the life-altering adversity of divorce. Examine the impact divorce has on the various aspects of family life and acquire practical tools & skills to cultivate resilience in all these areas: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and vocational.

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