Why I work with Trauma

Why have I decided to focus on working with Trauma and cultivating resilience through any kind of adversity? It is the culmination of my own history of childhood trauma, adult trauma and mentoring numerous families going through separation, divorce and even blending new families. As a result I have first hand experience of some of the most horrific things human beings can do to others. I love being a Post Traumatic Growth Practitioner and a prime example of how to overcome adversities!

With all relationship challenges, the underlying issues always relate back to unresolved trauma and the moment that trauma is approached with curiosity, compassion and enquiry, true healing begins. I believe when life knocks us down (in whatever way imaginable), we have to get up and grow. Adverse experiences offer us a wealth of life lessons to learn, from which we can grow and do better and every time we do better than before, everyone around us benefits. When we all benefit from someone’s growth, we all thrive. So even if you are the only one in your family or relationship or work environment who gets up and grows, you and everyone else will still enjoy the fruits of your labour of self love.

In this video I share painful parts of my life story and how I came to realise what my true calling is this week (5 November 2023).

When I heard someone say these words “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called” a few days ago, this beautiful process was triggered and I am so grateful for my incredible journey over the last few days! Much appreciation for the people who rose to the occasion and played a pivotal role in my growth spurt!

May you find inspiration and hope in my story.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)

The 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) that happen up until the age of 17, as illustrated here, are generally known to have a negative impact on brain-, physiological- and social development. They are also often correlated with health problems, mental health issues, substance abuse and many other dysfunctions.

I have added abandonment and alienation to the list because they have an equally or even worse impact on children. My ACE score is 9 out of 10 and I also experienced the 2 ACE’s that I added to the list, making it 11 out of 12. I was barely older than 18 when I had to deal with an incarcerated relative which added the last one to my list. As children we are not equipped to process such adversity or trauma appropriately, so we carry it with us until we reach a place in adulthood where we are finally able to process what we experienced and put it in perspective. We all have a choice to do this work or not and I believe we simply have to, if we want to move forward and live our best life.

Top Five Stressors in Life

There are also other traumatic experiences that are universally regarded as the Top Five Stressors in Life: Death of a Loved One, Separation & Divorce, Moving House & Relocation, Major Illness or Injury and Loss of one’s Job & Livelihood. Yes, I have been through all of these events, some more than once and I’m still learning the lessons they offer me to this day, doing my very best to grow from them and become a better version of myself. The consequences of choosing not to do this work has such an immense negative impact on a person and tragically affects all those around them, that I encourage everyone who crosses my path to take my hand and start the journey.

My Gift

The years of personal work to overcome the impact of the ACE’s and Major Stressors on me and my life, have lead me to discover and study amazing therapies, interventions, processes, practices and more, which have now become a unique set of skills and tools that I am honoured to apply while supporting others on their similar journeys. Since 2015 I have been actively involved in supporting and guiding people from all walks of life, as they work through their traumas to overcome the devastating effects on their lives, in the form of private clients as well as volunteer work. See a list of my relevant accreditations.

I believe that my life’s work and my natural gift for nurturing and deep connection with others, prepared me to serve my purpose, which happens to be congruent with my highest values – Family & Relationships, Learning & Teaching and Physical & Mental Health, so here I am. Unashamed. Authentic. Always seeking new perspective and actively cultivating resilience in all areas of my life!

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