Born on 21 March, 1968, in the small town of Ermelo in Mpumalanga, I grew up with my twin and two younger siblings. I’ve lived and worked in the platteland as well as big cities of South Africa but my vision has been global with all my projects since 2013. My curiosity has lead me to study a wide variety of subjects from experts all over the world.

As the mother of two awesome sons and a big blended family, I have made numerous valuable contributions to abundant family life. Being passionate about education, mindful parenting, critical thinking and creative problem solving, I have served countless families as designer of educational games for children, parenting tools and support initiatives for separation and divorce. Born out of my own life experiences of complex trauma, I also create opportunities and develop tools for cultivating resilience in the face of adversity, holding ourselves accountable and doing deep personal work toward profound breakthroughs.

Blessed to spend most of my business day serving my highest values, (I am a mother first and foremost) but then my focus is mainly on mentoring, design and writing to add to my international publications. I find harmony in literature, yoga, meditation, music and dancing. Above all, I indulge in the joy of family life, love and mother nature.

In 2015 I founded (a global educational initiative for families going through separation, divorce and blending new families). In 2022, my book 67 Divorce Problems & Solutions was published and I also launched  (a community where I teach members to cultivate resilience through all kinds of adversities) as well as Campaign Creator (a digital educational & marketing campaign initiative). In 2023 Edugraphics (a creative educational initiative) was born.

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(Fluent Mother Tongue)

(Fluent First Language)

(Basic Third Language)

Sign Language
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Fair Divorce
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Fair Divorce
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Sinta Ebersohn
The recipient of this award is a woman who has given her time, service, and gifts to provide opportunities for other women to discover the power of who they are.

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My work has been featured on Kyknet, RSG Radio, Smile Radio and in Contemporary Family Magazine, Rooi Rose, Finesse, Vrouekeur and various newspapers. My articles have been published regularly in Elephant JournalDivorce Force, FeedspotHuffington PostIOLNews24Parent24Parenting HubThe Good Men ProjectWomanOnlineThe Minds Journal and many more. My book 67 Divorce Problems & Solutions was published in 2022 along with a number of other publications below.


Workbook for Divorcees

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Southern Africa Professional Trainers Association
Council for Counsellors in South Africa
Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association
IAOTH Accredited
Training Provider
Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners
International Association of Therapists
Parental Alienation Study Group
ER24 / Mediclinic
Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals
Friends of
Parenting Hub
National Small Business Chamber Africa
eLearning Edge
Leading Women for Shared Parenting
Unashamedly Ethical
Women Within International
Early Intervention

Get Up and Grow Challenges

Strength Training

I’ve always wanted to be strong enough to do a proper pull-up and push-up, so I started doing a strength training programme uniquely designed for me, by my son Reuben – a brilliant strength & conditioning coach and strongman competitor.

So far my lower back issues have been resolved and my knees are no longer weak and sore. I can do a handful of push-ups and still working on my pull-ups.

You can follow my progress and support me via social media.

Sign Language

My entire life I’ve always loved learning something new, so I’ve always challenged myself to explore a new topic, acquire a new skill or obtain a new tool.

I thrive on life-long learning and constantly bettering myself with stimulating activities and interactions with interesting and creative characters.

Hence I am making a life-long dream come true by finally learning Sign Language!

Connect with me on social media to follow my progress and support this challenge!

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